Backers of Hate
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CEO chairs Trump’s Business Council; investor in oil and gas industry; potential infrastructure financier

Ties To The Administration

CEO Schwarzman is a long-time Trump ally who spearheaded the creation of Trump’s Business Council.

Schwarzman is also Trump’s informal counselor and has traveled with Trump on Air Force One, to spend time at Mar-a-Lago, since Trump became president.

Schwarzman donated $250,000 to Trump’s inaugural committee in December 2016.

Let them know how you feel.

Let them know how you feel.

Give ‘em Hell

Profiting From Trump's Agenda?

Blackstone profited off the housing crash and heavily invests in a company that fights worker efforts for decent livelihoods. Blackstone stands to profit handsomely from Trump’s agenda of tax cuts for the wealthy and financial deregulation. ● CEO Schwarzman has called Trump’s infrastructure plans a “super big deal” – and it may also be a very profitable deal for Blackstone, which is looking to raise as much as $40 billion for infrastructure investment. ● Blackstone invests in the oil and gas industry, which is poised to benefit from the Trump administration’s support for pipelines, extreme extraction methods like fracking, gutting of environmental regulation, and climate change denial.

Our Demands

  1. Withdraw from Trump’s Business Council;

  2. Issue a clear statement denouncing Trump’s anti-immigrant, -refugee, and -Muslim agenda, and act to stop Trump’s wall and immigration dragnet;

  3. Refuse to participate in Trump’s proposed infrastructure overhaul;

  4. Issue a clear statement supporting legislation eliminating the carried interest loophole; and

  5. Divest from companies that deny climate change, use extreme extraction methods, or profit from pipelines that threaten vital natural resources.

Board of Directors

Stephen A. Schwarzman

CEO, Blackstone

Hamilton ("Tony") E. James

President and COO, Blackstone

Jonathan D. Gray

Global Head of Real Estate, Blackstone

J. Tomilson Hill

President and CEO of the Hedge Fund Solutions group and Vice Chairman, Blackstone

Bennett J. Goodman

Co-Founder of GSO Capital Partners and Senior Managing Director of Blackstone

James W. Breyer

Founder and CEO of Breyer Capital

Peter T. Grauer

Chairman, Bloomberg L.P.

Richard Jenrette

Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse (USA)

Rochelle B. Lazarus

Senior Advisor, RRE Ventures LLC

Jay O. Light

Dean Emeritus, Harvard Business School

The Right Honorable Brian Mulroney

former Prime Minister of Canada

William G. Parrett

Chairman of the Board, Conduent Incorporated

Let them know how you feel.

Let them know how you feel.

Give ‘em Hell

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