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Sat on Trump's Business Council until after #deleteuber campaign; exploits workers and is fighting their efforts to unionize

Ties To The Administration

CEO Kalanick was formerly a member of Trump’s Business Council

Let them know how you feel.

Let them know how you feel.

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Profiting From Trump's Agenda?

Uber, which stands to benefit under the anti-worker’s rights outlook of the Trump administration, continues to classify workers as independent contractors instead of employees, which allows Uber to avoid paying minimum wage, overtime, and benefits. Uber is preparing for a fight in Seattle to block the first unionization effort for app-based drivers. Uber says a union threatens the freedom of drivers and has suggested it might leave Seattle if a union forms. ● Uber’s stands to gain from the privatization and deregulation of the transportation industry. Trump’s administration looks favorably upon privatization and deregulation, and Uber generally stands to benefit under this climate.

Our Demands

  1. Commit to treating all Uber drivers as employees, not as independent contractors with the full associated rights and benefits;

  2. Act to stop Trump’s wall and immigration dragnet;

  3. Provide open source access to all driver and consumer data, if collected; and

  4. Stop pursuing vehicle automation without exploring significant compensation to truck, taxi and transportation workers whose jobs will be eliminated.

Board of Directors

Ryan Graves

Resident Entrepreneur and Builder, Uber

David Bonderman

Founding Partner of TPG Capital

Cheng Wei

CEO of Didi Chuxing

Garrett Camp

Co-founder of Uber, Founding CEO of

Yasir Al Rumayyan

Managing Director of Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund

Bill Gurley

General Manager, Benchmark

Arianna Huffington

Co-Founder of Huffington Post

Travis Kalanick

Co-Founder and CEO, Uber

Let them know how you feel.

Let them know how you feel.

Give ‘em Hell

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